Redneck Fondue *Awesome-Awkward Thursday*

So it's been awhile since my last Awesome & Awkward, but after all the chaos, 
Here's a little fun for this Thursday:
  • Tonight I met up with some of my girlfriends for a little picnic in the park. We were so excited to meet up, that we kind of slacked on the planning for the picnic. We had soda without cups, food without plates or utensils, uncooked baked beans, and no condiments for any of our hotdogs or hamburgers. It was hilarious: 
No cups? Just chug!
Chips for condiments in my veggie burger
Redneck Fondue: "Eating baked beans out of a skillet with chips for utensils"
  • Making a comment to a coworker about whacking them off, meaning like a mobster killing off a victim, but instead it became more of a That's What She Said type comment. Oops.
  • My eighth grade neighbor running over to my house saying he really needed my help because his dryer was smelling like burnt rubber. I started worrying that his dryer just might catch on fire. I get over to his house to find that it was actually his washer that was smelling and then discovering once I start questioning him that he accidentally left a mini screwdriver in his pocket when he washed his clothes. The screwdriver got stuck on the side of the washer, thus answering the question to why his washer started smelling like burnt rubber. Lesson learned? Clean out your pockets before washing your clothes. 
    • Oh, and did I add the fact that I was on the phone with my friend Ray the whole time this was occuring? Poor thing had to sit through the whole crazy conversation. 
  • Seeing some of my best friends all in one location- loving, living, talking, connecting- Simply being.


Do you love how random our table is? Cardboard for plates, Happy Birthday bags even though it's no ones birthday, baby formula, various food sprawled around
  • Having my friend Jami help me out at work so my evening tonight could have been possible, I love my friends :)
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Pumpkin Spice season at the bux is coming soon 
    • {Cold weather + Nearing Fall Time = Pumpkin Spice}
  • My puppies found baby rabbits out in my yard today- I'm pretty sure they are my new pets- Dave said no, but I'm still working on that one. 
    • Look at this little cuties:

Here's to the weekend friends!

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