Hello Again!

Well that ended up being a little longer break than expected.
I promise I'm still around.
All is well & good in the world.
Great really.
We love South Dakota.
Oh it's been so so so good.
It's been restorative to our health, our well being, and our marriage.
And the people here are awesome.
True Midwest hospitality.
We're just loving it.

And of course there's always our adventures.
We've been doing a lot of fun things lately.
I'll delve into them a little more at a later time, but here's a brief rundown of this summer:

  • We kayaked part of the Big Sioux
  • We celebrated 4 years of marriage in South Dakota.
  • We got more tattoos.
  • We camped out at the North Dakota Grasslands.
  • I started teaching yoga classes.
  • We traveled to Florida for one of my very best friend's wedding.
  • We traveled to Alaska for my cousin's wedding.
  • We did our first Ragnar relay from Winona to Minneapolis.
  • My parents & grandparents came to visit.
  • We went to Chicago & I ran the Chicago Half Marathon with some of my dear best friends from college.
Whew...it's been a really good summer and there is still more to share!

I've missed you.
But ya know, sometimes you just need a break.
There was a lot I was trying to work through and process when we moved out here.
I just needed to relax and fully experience life going on around me.
It's been so revitalizing for the soul.
But man, it's good to be back here & sharing life.
(& I know mom probably loves seeing me post here again because we all know how good I am at calling home- guilty.)


The Latest Tidbit

Life Lately:

+ Work Days & Lunch Dates
+Tuesday Night Make Your Own Pizza Clubs
+ Fitness Classes & Gym Time  [I've been trying out cycling classes]
+ New Friendships & Fun Crazy Random Outings
+ Sunday Afternoon Brunches
+ Book Club with D
+ Sunday Night Coffee Shop Baristas
+ Puppy Dates
+ Adventures
+Fighting those winter blues
+ Fun new races to run

The New Norm.

It's funny, it feels like things have majorly slowed down, but we're still doing so many wonderful crazy things with such incredible people.

South Dakota, 
Your too good to us.


Reverting Back to New Years

So since I didn't really get a chance to talk about my New Years Resolutions this year, I've decided March is the perfect time to share what we've been up to so far this year & the different commitments we're making.
The first thing we're trying to do every month is read a new book. I like to call it the D & H Book Club, (although we're not at all reading the same books). So far we've successfully made it through January; I read My Sister's Keeper & Dave read three different books [overambitious]: Outlaw by Ted Dekker, The Decision Maker, & 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. For February, we're still trying to finish the last of our books and are officially dedicating today as Reading Day. It's been a really fun challenge to have & has helped remind me just how much I enjoy reading. Any good reading recommendations out there for us? I'd love to hear some of your favorites!

And as all good resolutions go, we have committed this year to getting more physically fit. We've joined a gym here & frankly I'm pretty stoked about it. The membership not only provide us with workout equipment, but also rock climbing & fitness classes. My motivation this year is 1) If we go to the gym 15 times per month, our company basically pays for our fees & 2) Raynell's wedding- gotta look good for those wedding photos! They're also getting ready to open a hot yoga studio in our area and I'm so excited!

The other big goal we have this year is getting in shape emotionally. Last year was a really rocky year for Dave & I and we kind of had one of those "Ah-Ha!" moments in which we realized that we weren't taking care of ourselves or each other as we should be. Part of our move was dedicated to this, learning to be more intentional with each other and finding the okay in slowing down and just living in the delicate moments of time. It's been such a different change for us so far, but so wonderful! Dave's not gone all the time for work & I'm not keeping a booked schedule.  We work 9-5 jobs that give us our evenings back & everything in our new town is literally 10 minutes away or less. We stay home most Saturdays now just enjoying quiet moments, reading good books, and remembering how much we enjoy good French presses and loose leaf teas. We've also made it a point to get up a little earlier each morning to have our own individual quiet times; mornings aren't always easy to embrace but sitting in reflection, taking time to pray & reflect, really helps make each day more bearable & a little bit brighter.

And last but not least, we are trying to be much better about getting our finances in order. We're budgeting, living simply, and eating out a whole lot less. We cook more meals at home & we use a calculator when we're at the grocery store to track how much we're spending. We're really trying to live within our means & to save money to do things we love like traveling & spending time with wonderful people! I'm really proud of how well we've done so far!

Happy Saturday Friends!
Embrace this day & take some time to relax.


Welcome to South Dakota

So after a blog hiatus due to craziness, moving, & lack of internet,
I'm officially back.
& in South Dakota!
That still sounds crazy to hear.
South Dakota.

But, Wow, it's been awesome.

So just to answer a few questions out there for all those who might be wondering (I'm guessing this will mostly be for our family):

1.  We are healthy & alive just occasionally cold from time to time. Gotta love the negative degree temperatures out here & awesome snow drifts.

2. We have the most darling little home that we are currently renting out here & we absolutely love it!

3. We finally closed on our house last Friday. It's so nice to be free of an extra mortgage & no more burdens of loose ends still in Ohio.

4. We both have jobs! Mine was already known, but Dave just started working last Monday in Customer Service & seems to be enjoying learning the processes and life of a 9-5er. [He's never worked a job that he's home every night before 5 PM!]

5. There is no Starbucks around us, well, there's one in our grocery store, but that doesn't really count. This has been a really hard one for me, but oh so very good for my checking account. We do have some pretty little local coffee shops though & I've been appreciating some good loose leaf teas.

6. As announced on Facebook a few days ago, we are now completely credit card debt free & ready to start making some smart financial decisions. We realized living out here on a very tight budget that we were not making wise money decisions in the past & we are now determined to be smarter with our money. We want an adventurous life, and to do so, we need to be making better decisions.

7. Sky got 8 stitches on her head last Saturday thanks to a barbed wire fence. That dog, she is a) fearless & b) tough. Didn't flinch, didn't cry, nothing! So we are now familiar with the local vet in town. 

So now that we are a little more up to date on things,
Just sending out some quick love to all my wonderful people out there who've been so wonderful & supportive on our move out here.
We've made it, but we sure do miss you!



To New Adventures

Sorry for yet another quiet absence on the blog, but I've had too many exciting things to share and didn't want to spoil things before their time.
So for those of you who haven't heard yet, Dave & I are moving to South Dakota at the beginning of January! 
It's kind of crazy and was only decided (officially) about 2 months ago, but we're feeling really good about our decision and we know God definitely is at work in our lives. 
There's just something so undeniably incredible when you know you're so perfectly in His will, that it takes away all the fears and doubts that come with making big changes. 
I laugh too because we are continuously seeing God answering prayers as he moves in our lives, but nothing has been answered in the ways we thought they would.
But I have a job, Dave has an interview, we sold our house, and we found the perfect place for us to rent! To have all that happen in less than a month is a  miracle. 

Ohio has been so good to us.
We've had good & bad times along the way but from everything that has happened we've become stronger people more in-tune with ourselves and more focused on the things that are truly important.
We've done things we never thought we could.
We've made some of the most incredible relationships with people we couldn't love more (this is probably the hardest thing to leave behind-- thank goodness these relationships are ones I know we will have for a lifetime).
We've created family.
We've proven others wrong and shown our worth and our abilities.
We've explored and embraced.
We've created some of the best memories that I still look back on and smile about.
It's been beautiful, it's been challenging, but now... now is our time for something new.
I think when we're called to something it's not a matter of when we're comfortable but instead jumping in and living on faith.
Trusting in the unknown.
Believing in the greater purpose for our lives.

So more to come, but please, if you're in the area and we're around, please stop by and say hello!

We love you Ohio & the beautiful people here,
Let's just say that it's not goodbye but see ya next time! ;)