Nothing really more than just a bunch of blabbering...

I feel like every time I go to write anything lately it ends up being a bunch of blabbering of being ridiculously busy and  extremely exhausted...well...that's just kind of reality these days.
Yeah, it's exciting.
So it might all stress me out {if you haven't guessed already} but in reality, I kind of like it.
There's just something about going nonstop during the day then finally crashing at 1030 at just makes me feel accomplished and that I've truly had a hard days work.
But you know, if a break does choose to come my way, I will definitely accept it at anytime.
{especially if that break includes a vacation}
So enough of that boring talk,
Have you all been keeping up with the Olympics these last couple of days?
I won't lie, I've only been catching it at night for a few hours, mainly to watch the gymnastics and swimming {they're my favorite}. Unfortunately I cannot just quit work to spend my entire week watching the Olympics, although I might if it ever presented itself as an option.
Speaking of gymnastics, how do those Chinese do it?!
Every time I watch them I'm completely blown away; they are just so graceful and spot on and it all reminds me that I'm just way too clumsy. 
And what about the Japanese men stealing the Silver away from the Brits?
Oh the drama in the's like live soap operas and I absolutely love it!
I love it so much that I chose to stay up to see the ending results for the Japanese challenge versus heading to bed though I was ridiculously tired. 
{let's just say 730 AM did not love me this morning}
Oh, and I've also seen a few of the men/women's volleyball matches because well, when your husband is an infatuated with the sport volleyball coach, it would really be a horror to miss these type of things. Plus the volleyball teams are pretty awesome and I could only dream about being as incredible as they are in real life. 
Oh Olympics, I do not give you as much time as I should but I sure do love you!

{Wow, what a weird random post}

So, what about you guys?
What are some of your favorite Olympic sports?

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  1. WHO took that picture? haha
    -also- I haven't seen any of the olympics. I must not be american.. I should watch some on my lunch. I will... ok, bye :)

    1. I did, thank you automatic timer! haha :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ice Skating always makes for a good time!

  3. Can you believe I haven't watched ANY of the Olympics?? How sad and un-American of me, ha ha! But if I could I would definitely watch Volleyball! It is incredible to see how powerful those men and women are!

    1. No shame- they come on at such awkward hours. I've been sacrificing sleep to watch them, haha.

  4. Since I use to be a gymnast, I am all over the gymnastics ... as in wake up super early to watch the live stream because I can't wait until prime-time!

    1. Nice! I always wanted to do gymnastics but I'm kind of not coordinated at all :)

  5. I really like your random post, and I'm glad you're finding your work rewarding, even if it is a little tiring. I haven't gotten to watch a single second of the olympics and part of me is like who cares? And another part of me is like OMG my life is going to end. I just don't have the time unfortunately.

    1. HAha I feel the same way but once I'm sucked in I'm done :)

  6. oh gosh, the olympics have definitely been taking up all of the mister and i's time at nights when he gets home. i absolutely love it. and the gymnastics and swimming are some of my favorites. i've also enjoyed watching volleyball in the late morning.
    and what about the drama about the badmitten teams getting disqualified for their "cheating" tactics. drama!!! ha
    xo TJ

    1. I love Olympic drama :) It always keeps life interesting!


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