One of those days.

Today it was one of those days were I...
  • Justified riding around on a completely empty tank of gas because I was too lazy to go to the gas station {Side Note: This was AFTER I had switched cars with D. this morning because my car was on Empty}
  • My phone went completely dead while I was driving around on an empty tank of gas- Running out of gas on the side of the road in Chillicothe would have been interesting.
  • I got yelled at a referee at D's volleyball game tonight because "The flash from my camera was too close to the attack line and it was too much of a distraction" {Side Note: This was the same ref who kept missing big calls in the game. He must have been too distracted by the high intensity flash on my camera.}
  • It rained today and the pups tracked in all kinds of dirt into the house- There are brown paw-prints all over our floor. {D. sarcastically told me that he was wanting to clean our floors anyway.}
  • Rain & Traffic put me about a half hour behind on the time I was trying to get somewhere today, yet in the midst of it all, I could justify a coffee run.
  • Showing up ten minutes earlier than D. at the school meant a ten minute power nap- Holla.
Hope your day was just as grand.
Time for a long-term power nap.

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