27 Girlfriends & Climbing

Last night I had this horrible dream that D. had joined a dating site. To make matters worse, in this dream,  he ended up admitting to me that there were about 26 other women he was seeing. Needless to say I woke up hyperventilating. It was so awful.
I can only imagine what individuals such as Sandra Bullocks and Elin Nordegren (Tiger Wood's ex-wife) felt like when they discovered they weren't just cheated on once but numerous times. In the dream, it all felt so real; it made me feel belittled and insecure and wondering why I wasn't enough. 
Thank goodness it was a dream. 
I woke up and pathetically went downstairs to D., hugged him, then thanked him for only having me.
{He was a little confused at first}
D. on the other hand had a wonderful dream.
He dreamed we had just purchased a beautiful home with an awesome patio space.
He even did a dance on the patio in this dream.
Obviously we were not in dream sync last night.

On a fun note,
D. and I are getting back into climbing and hoping to get to take a climbing trip this summer. We went out to the gym tonight and realized just how out of shape we really are. At least it will be some great challenges for when we start experiencing the winter blues!

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