One of those weekends...


Okay so most of the time I like things to be somewhat scheduled and planned out. I know that's funny coming from a girl who is not very organized or overly put together, but I am. I think I'm always afraid that I'll get stuck having too much down time and not enough busy time. I really love keeping busy and I love having a jam packed schedule. It might not always be the most relaxing week but I can't help it, 
I like busyness. 
Sometimes though, there is always exceptions in my book, 
like this weekend.
It was one of those weekend where you start one place and end up at another and spend lots of fun time with wonderful people. You know one of those times where you get to experience first times with friends with things being both exciting and overly awkward. Where you tell hilarious stories and share ridiculous truths. And you wear mustaches and play games that would probably end up being a bad idea somewhere near the end. Those weekends where you have unexpected guests at one in the morning and friend gatherings at random moments during the day. Or surprise parties that aren't really a surprise... and for the sake of all the wonderful people I spend this weekend with I won't share every detail, I'll just say it's one of those weekends that you just had to be there. 

Yeah, you definitely had to be there.

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