Soap Dish.

Ladies & Gents, I finally have a soap dish...and it was not an easy task by any means to come up with a cheap, fun idea. I was lacking creativity this week & I almost did not complete my DIY project but I am proud to say I finished! Take a look:

This was not what I had originally planned-- I was going to do something interesting with twigs from outside but my vision did not go as planned and the twig idea was a total flop. Thank goodness for good friends  helping me come up with some neat ideas; they came up with doing things like melting crayons [which I still think I'm going to use for another project] to molds to paper mache. Cookie reminded me that Lowes was right by so I ended up going there to get some inspiration. Altogether my project really only cost me $.50 [I left out cost of the glue I used to put the pieces together because I am using the glue itself for several other projects-- The ceramic pots only cost me $.25 a piece!] To make your own soap dish here is what you will need: Cardboard, a ceramic pot, some sort of adhesive glue, & a gloss spray to go over the final piece [& spray paint if you choose to add color or texture].
&& Here we go:

I washed out all the old plant debris from the ceramic cups,

Put them in a metal bowl

& went to town clobbering them to death.

Then I just started glueing them on however I pleased-- Kind of working the pieces together like a puzzle

Gave them a quick spray of clear coating-- Let it dry

Then I found the color I wanted & sprayed it off [I had to do this quite a few times because of the ceramics previous paint job-- paint did not want to stick very well]

& I gave it another clear gloss coat
I'll show you tomorrow what it looks like with the soap on it since it's still kind of sticky.

On other accounts of the day, here is the awesome jacket I bought from the thrift store last week- I absolutely LOVE it:

Also, I bought lipstick today.
 To most, this would not be any means of significance, but I don't wear lipstick.
However, today I decided I should.
I feel like such a grown up.
On a non-grown up topic-- I had Lucky Charms today,
I ate all the cereal first and left the marshmellows for last & I'm not ashamed.

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