Another letter to Friday

Shirt.Belt.Skirt{Maxi Dress}- F21  // Watch. Shoes- Target // Sunglasses- TJ Maxx

Dear Friday, I am so looking forward to you today; there's a lot of good you hold after 5PM hits. Please make this work day speedy!
Dear Girlfriends, I'm so excited to see you all tonight and have a good old fashion slumber party. What's better than hanging out with some of your favorites, junk food, and chick flicks? Not much, my friends, not much...
Dear D, I wish you liked tea more. I get so sad when I go to take a sip of tea out of my tumbler and it tastes like coffee. GROSS! You're lucky you are so rad.
 {Disclaimer: I do really like coffee. I just don't love the taste of coffee and tea together}
Dear Sky, I'm a little bitter that you stole my covers last night. Not cool...not cool at all.
Dear Walk A Mile, I am so excited to see D in heels on Saturday. I don't know if he is quite as excited but he knows you are a good cause and wants to help out. 
{Don't worry, there will be pictures}
[Want to get involved? See Here!]
Dear High Heels, Please be gentle on D. He's not use to least I hope he's not use to you because if so, this might create a very awkward situation...
Dear Meemaw and Papaw, I am so excited you will be in town Sunday. I can't wait to see you!

Happy Friday Friends!


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  1. heels...we must see pics on Monday.

  2. That's such a cute outfit! And the husband in HEELS?! Can't wait to see that! Have a great weekend!

  3. hahahaha I can't wait to see those pictures!

  4. i am loving maxis for summer! they make me feel so put together.

  5. I got the stretchy pants at Ross. :)


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