Someone get me some ice cream- STAT!

Ya know, sometimes Mondays just suck.
Even the most optimistic sort of person cannot always be enthusiastic about them.
Mondays are just there whether we like it or not & really there is no chances of getting around them because they are excellent committers at committing every week.
Today, well, it's just one of those days.
Nothing seems to be going right, I'm stuck with all the things I hate doing, and I honestly just want to throw the sheets back over my head.
But you know, I'm totally okay with it because I know for every bad day there is always a good day to counteract all those bad days. 
& in the end, everything will be alright.
(little Ms. Optimistic strikes again...thank you Bob Marley)
I just wish today didn't have to suck so bad,
and I just wish I was eating a big bowl of ice cream right now.

{here's to hoping for a better tomorrow}

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  1. You go little Ms. Optimistic! Tomorrow is a new day! Until then eat that ice cream!

  2. boo! I am sorry! I feel ya though...
    oh, Cville has a frozen yogurt place, maaayyybbbe you should throw everything down and come get some! haha here's to tomorrow :)

  3. I want ice cream, too! Let's get some...

  4. Oh my friend. I hope Tuesday kicks Monday's butt for you.

    Oddly enough.. not to rub salt in a wound, but I loved Monday.. and I never love Monday.. I dare say we are enemies.

    Save me some Ice Cream for next Monday.

  5. I hope your day got better and that ice cream was involved in its improvement. It's Tuesday now so perk up ;)


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