Awesome & Awkward Thursday

Well all, it's here again. Another Thursday, another dollar.
Here's to this week:


  • Taking the pups out to pee & instead stepping in my wool socks...and not realizing it until I was sitting back down inside.
  • Laughing so hard that I cry at a joke that I made by myself that wasn't even really that funny.
  • Having Sky bark at every single doorbell on every single show-- I didn't realize how many doorbells go off during each one! 
  • Wearing my favorite boots out to realize that my dog has chewed off the middle section of the fringing making the boots look slightly awkward:

  • Going  home early from work-- Doesn't happen often, but I love those occasional times where it's possible!
  • Being able to come home to RELAX. {Bliss.}
  • Painting & redoing furniture with the husband- I love getting to do fun projects with him!
  • Coming home to see this:
{I wrote the top one, I came home to see that D. had added to it}
  • Getting to volunteer with friends-- good cause & lots of fun!

Interested in doing some volunteering? Visit HERE to find ways to get involved with Habitat for Humanity! We had a great time helping demolish old things, organizing merchandise, & moving random things to help get priced & sorted at their restore. The Restore is also awesome to visit if you are looking for home project materials like wood, tiles, & carpet or even just basic appliances. Everything is SUPER cheap & a good portion of the profits go back to helping the Habitat for Humanity house funding. [By the way, the last picture is of a tub that Kara & I pretty much moved by ourselves-- Yes, we are that hardcore]

Happy Thursday!

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  1. visiting from Sydney's
    LOVE getting home early and volunteering! Great post!


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