Happy Easter--

Here's what I woke up to today:

D.'s Easter "basket" for me.
It's a fenced in area for my soon*to*be garden-- tilled and almost ready to go!
**These bad boys will be ready to plant soon**

Here's the other little surprise I received today:

 A spinach plant! {Which BTW I am planning on using some of this for our meal tonight}

Here's D.'s little gift from me:
It's candy...which D. says he's going to plant in the garden too. Silly Boy. 

Then we went to our church service which was muy bueno {AKA Very Good}:

And we finished up at the Graffiti Burger:
which I have never been to before, but I TOTALLY RECOMMEND 
{I know, total "Easter Dinner" type place, right?}
The walls were awesome here- Everything was done in graffiti!

& the Milkshakes were DELICIOUS! All handmade :)

I loved that they had a vegetarian option burger- Meet the Black bean Burger!


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