When Dogs Attack.

Just kidding... This blog is not that intense, but my dogs were pretty insane today...
Let me start from the beginning...
I guess when I look at it, it was really my fault.
I just came home & was SO tired today & the poor pups were inside since early this morning.....
So I slept instead of walking....
& I paid the consequence unfortunately.
I go to let the pups out & they.were.wired. 
So we took an 8 mile run & they did really well & I was excited because I was hoping they would come home & be exhausted.
Not. At. All.
They came home jumping around & fighting each other [I swear there was something in the puddle water they drank] & causing havoc. 
They started to settle down & I decided that would be a good time to feed them.
Then Sky started getting aggressive towards Tank & the food, so I had to settle that.
They ate & I was like, okay now you guys have to be tired.
Instead they attacked me while I tried to eat & Tank would harass me for my dinner or else run upstairs & try to jump up on the counters.
Then Sky "needed" to go out, which means going to visit the neighbor dog who happened to be outside.
While I was out with her, Tank crept over & ate my whole entire apple. ALL of it. 
I was SO angry, it was my last apple!
So I had a mental break down. I cried. I ranted. I raved.
& really it did no good, but make me more exhausted-- 
{as well as scare the pups to death}

Thank goodness for a wonderful husband.
He listened to me cry.
He listened to me yell.
& he is going to buy me more apples.
He really is just too good to me. WAY to good to me.

I guess I have to remind myself, it can be difficult raising a puppy [especially when there are two of them], and every day can't be all about rainbows & sunshine.
Sometimes it's hard.
Sometimes I won't always keep my cool.
Sometimes I will throw things & rant & rave.

But in the end, when I sit  here now writing this blog & look down to see my babies sleeping soundly...
Or when they come over & give me ton of puppy kisses,
It's all worth it.
Every. Single. Moment.

On another note,
I saw one of my little darlings today at the park & it makes me excited to work with her this weekend
& I got snowed on after my run, how fun...Not really. I am SO ready for summer & warmth.

Love love love.

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