Garden Update.


I've been so everywhere the last couple of months, that I have completely forgotten to tell you about my updates on my little garden!
But first, let me give you a little background story:
If you can recall my previous post about my attempts at growing indoors, you will remember I failed miserably. My little plants would start growing so well, and out of nowhere they would all wither and die. 
I was so frustrated!
Finally after my second attempt at growing indoors, I realized that my biggest problems was that 1.) The time of the year was inconsistent thanks to our crazy weather this year {aka lack of sun} & 2.) I kept getting mold! {I think it was because my planters were recycled cardboard}
If anyone out there really knows me, they know I am stubborn, and well, I don't give up easily {if at all}.
So I attempted a third time & decided for this route, I was going to grow directly outdoors.
Which I thought was a good idea...
...until my dogs snuck into my garden and stole all of my planter tags to identify my plants.

Weeks went by & nothing would grow! 
Then one day out of nowhere, 
I saw two lettuce plants beginning to grow and I was super pumped-
A few weeks later I decided I was going to go out and weed my garden so I could prep it for plants I had decided I was just going to buy and plant {I was at my wit's end}.
As I started gardening, I realize that there looked like some actual plants growing in my garden-
So I grabbed my laptop, took it outside, and started identifying leaves.
My conclusion?
3 Basil Plants, 2 Tomato Plants, 2 Pepper Plants, and my beloved 2 little Lettuce Plants!

So here's some advice that I have learned so far this year about gardening that I hope you can find beneficial:
  • Timely planting is everything- You want to make sure your plants are going to get plenty of sunlight! I heard from one of my customers that she starts her lettuce directly from seed in her garden when it is rainy because it does really well with a lot of rain. So, when I heard we were going to get a lot of rain around here for a couple weeks, I scrambled outside and planted away. A few months later when the weather changed I planted the remainder of my seeds outside-  it was nice and hot, with just a slight touch of rain {It gave the seedlings a little greenhouse effect}
  • Mold is bad. Period. I still haven't learned to recover from mold on my baby plants, but I do know the mold is never a good sign.
  • Location is key- I placed my garden in the corner of my fenced-in backyard where it gets lots of sunlight but also gets some nice shade depending on the time of the day.
  • Do your research: One thing I wish I would have done is learned what kind of plants grow best from seedlings and what plants are crucial to grow indoors. 
  • Don't give up! I am learning that gardening is all about trial-and-error: You win some, you lose some- Some of my plants were a success, the oregano and chives, not so much.

Overall, I have most importantly discovered that homegrown veggies cannot be beat!

Obviously, I am no expert, but I think this has been an awesome journey so far & I can't wait to keep learning!
If you guys have any additional advice or suggestions, 
I would love to hear them!
{Including some great ideas for what to grow for next year!}

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