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I've never really been big on Western movies.
To me it's a lot of fake fighting and unrealistic scenarios.
{No offense}
Tonight I had some of my friends over & my friend Sam had us watch High Noon & it was pretty legit.
I think the thing I liked best about the movie was that it had more of a dramatic storyline behind it then just being a bunch of chasing & shooting.
The basic gist of the story is how one man fights for what he believes is right even though everyone surrounding him either cowers away or rejects his stance.
In the end, he goes into the situation facing the guy alone & lucky for him...well you'll just have to watch the movie for yourself ;)
Oh & did I mention the beautiful Grace Kelly plays in it?
 It got me thinking,  
 How many of us truly in the heat of things have the courage to stand up for what we believe even when all else around us rejects our thoughts, our beliefs, and our views? 
Would you find the strength to fight for what you believed if everyone around you laughed at your stance and dismissed you altogether.
What if these people were the ones who you called your friends- 
Would you still have the courage to stand up to fight-
Would you be willing to go even if you had to go alone?

I guess for me, things are always easy to say than to do,
but I hope when it came down to it,
I would be willing to stand for what I believed no matter what the cost.

What do you think?

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