Ultimate Sunday

This was our feet today after some ultimate frisbee playing-
I think the Hopewell's played some mean frisbee today.

And the little ones had a play date with their love child Riley.
Aren't they the cutest?
I hope when I have children one day it can be like this.
They play. They wear each other out. We relax.
Sounds Wonderful.

& I have other exciting news to share, 
I've been waiting until my "official" two weeks were up,
But guess what,
Starting tomorrow I have a new job!
I'm going to miss my little Starbuckians,
But I'm excited for this new journey.
I hope it's life changing...

& before I go,
I wanted to share this with you on the remembrance of 9-11,
It's something my friend Britt wrote & it totally speaks my heart:
"i'm so proud to be an American. I know that it's been 10 years, but I still remember when our country came together, heartbroken, but strong, ready to help their neighbors and stand up for what was right. thank you to all who have provided us with those freedoms and those who risk their lives to protect this nation."
Let us never forget.

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