Funny Moments

So yesterday I had total intentions of posting,
However, my internet did not. 
For some reason it decided to go completely out-
So no blogging and no Netflix for D. to watch the Wonder Years
{He was pretty disappointed.
I told him he now wouldn't have any distractions to keep him from his graduate work...that was until Tank puked on our floor and I freaked out so D. had to leave his work to come clean up puppy puke.}
{{He's a good man.}}

So instead of yesterdays post,
I share with you instead my favorite moment of the morning-
Here's the sign I received for outside of my office space:
Nice right?
The Funny Part?
It's a my size board, meaning when it stands up against me, it is almost the same height as me.
And it's metal.
And it's kind of heavy.
And I have to carry it out to the curb every morning and bring it back in every evening.
And I'm sure everyone driving along the busy street that runs beside my office is getting a kick out of the sight of a little girl carrying a big, heavy sign all the way across the parking lot and grass area heels mind you!

But seriously,
It did bring me a little joy this morning in my venture.
I hope your day is just a grand.

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