Happy A&A Friends!


Oh me oh my.
This day isn't quite over and it's already been filled with a lot of awkwardness:
  • Locking  myself out of my office in the cold and dreariness of the day.
  • Locking myself out of the office because I was trying to save a spider.
  • More office locking related disasters- Walking across the way to a random insurance office to use a phone, calling D because he is the only number I have memorized. Calling D 6 times in a row because I didn't have anyone else to call. Finally reaching D and almost bawling my eyes out when D says there is no way he can help me because he had a meeting at ten. {it was about 920 a.m. at this point and this call all took place at a random office of a random person I had never met before}
  • D noticing the other night that, "Wow, you sure ate a lot of pizza." Thanks D, just call me a fatty while you're at it.
  • Eating and talking on a cellphone all at the same time. Not a pretty site. Add in a person coming into my office in the midst of it. At that point, it's just plain awkward. 
  • The weird messages I've been getting at certain websites{See above photos} 
  • Last minute candy runs because I forgot tonight was our town's trick-or-treating night
  • My friend Scott graciously coming to let me into my locked office. What a saint.
  • My friend Cookies Halloween bash this weekend- I'm so excited to wear a costume plus see some of my little lovelies {I still don't know what to wear- Ideas?}
  • The fact that it's Thursday and Friday is right around the corner.
  • I get to see some of my family on Sunday + I get to take a mini road trip with my sister to go see them!
  • Apple cake for breakfast

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