Friday Dog Park Trips

I love wrapping up my week on Friday late afternoons-
It's such a sense of accomplishment.
Plus it finally gives me a chance relax and reflect from the previous week.
I just love it.

Plus today had an extra bonus-
I got to hang out with my friend Brittany & we got to take our little pupsters to an awesome dog park in Columbus-
I also loved that while there, I saw some of my favorite customers from my old Starbucks who were there with their puppy.
It was so great getting to catch up with them & I loved getting  hugs from them before we left-
Isn't it so cool how people can connect over simple things like coffee?

The dogs had fun, we had fun
I love getting to spend time with friends-
Whether it's friendships made over the making of a latte
Old friends from college who made some of your most memorable moments your Freshman year.

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