I Am Thankful For Family

I just had to share these photos because they are just that fabulous:
{Thanks Lizzie}

Last weekend I got to spend time with some family from both Indiana & Alaska.
It being November and all, I feel it was appropriate to share how thankful I am for such a wonderful family - all aspects of my family, from my mom and dad's sides of the family to my beloved in-laws.
I am truly blessed & so fortunate for the wonderful people in my life.

Something I love about my family is their integrity:
They know the value in the name they carry.
One thing my Dad always taught me as a little girl was that one of the most important thing a person has is their last name and to take pride in that.
Don't dishonor it, believe in it.

Another thing that I love about my family is their faith:
They all have shown me throughout my life the importance of loving God and our relationships with the people in our lives.
They don't just live, 
They impact the people they surround.
My mom and dad always made it clear to me that things come and go-
That there's no real purpose or value to materialism,
But our most valuable things in life is our relationship with God and how we treat other people-
Those things are priceless.
My family
Has always believed in me,
Encouraged me,
Motivated me,
& simply loved me through thick and thin.

They've been slow to judge,
But quick to love and forgive.
They don't see the flaws in me,
But the beauty that my life holds.

They are my friends.
My backbone.
My support.
My trust.

So as we continue this month of November
  & we reflect on the things in our lives that we find thanks in,
Don't forget the people in your life who have help you to become the people your are,
Don't forget to say thank you to those you love.
::other things may come and go, but we start and end with family::

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  1. Love this! So sweet!

  2. that's great! I love the part about the last name! So true. Very well written Heidi. incidentally, did you go to short hair again? I couldn't really tell. It looks cute however it is :)


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