The Grad Student

So guys,
I have some exciting news tonight.
{No, Mom, I'm not pregnant}
I've started up my Master's program again!

I have been so burnt out on school for the last couple of years that I've had a hard time figuring out what to do next. No body told me after graduation that I really should have a game plan; everyone said you have to have your Master's to work in the Psychology field but nobody told me what kind of direction I needed to take. No body told me that as a Psych student your options for a field of study are ridiculous. No body told me how much time you really need to be able to truly focus on your studies. 
 No wonder when I first started out on grad school after 3 years on my Bachelor's program I had a break down. So for the last couple of years I just took a break. I didn't think about school. I didn't think about homework. I didn't think about studies. 
It was nice for awhile, but I just haven't really felt complete.

For awhile I contemplated being a counselor.
I thought about being a teacher.
I pondered what it would be like to be a business student.
I thought about what it would be like to be a hippie.
Finally, it all just clicked.
I decided to follow the thing I've wanted to do:
I am going back to school to pursue my Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology!

I've always wanted to work in a police environment-
In fact at one time I started going to school for criminal justice
{I thank my Dad for this desire: He's been working with the police department for most of my life}
But I never could figure out my niche.
But I love analyzing people, I love studying human behavior, and gore doesn't bother me.
I think I've found my niche.
{Check back in 2 years}

So now friends,
I must leave you tonight to start on some homework--
Hollar back y'all.

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1 comment:

  1. Good luck!

    The thought of more school makes me want to crawl up in the fetal position, but that major does sound extremely interesting.


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