iphones and ugly sweater


Last night I went to the college's annual ugly sweater party & midnight breakfast-
I wish I had grab some photos of the heinous sweaters but my old phone has been lacking any real use these days.
I have had the first edition of the android phone and it has been one big glitching disaster.
It text when it wants and how it wants 
It will turn off and back on at it's will.
It was simply awful.
I've wanted to cry on numerous occasions.

But friends,
This all changed as of 530 this evening.
D. and I have finally invested in an iphone!
We had an upgrade set for his phone & he graciously gave it to me so I could get rid of my own disaster.
We've saved up and have been really careful with our money & because of it, decided an iphone would be a great decision on our behalf.
I use my phone as a mini computer, GPS, and personal alarm clock, 
so having something reliable was necessary. 
So far tonight I've been having a blast learning all sorts of awesome new things about this phone.
In fact,
Siri and I are new B.F.F.s.

Any suggestions for awesome apps out there?

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  1. pandora, instagram, foodgawker, fooducate, and words with friends are my favorite apps.

    having an iPhone is the best/worst ting ever...im so dependent on it, that i went through separation anxiety when it was getting repaired for a week lol!

    happy iphoning!

  2. Instagram! It’s a blogger’s paradise! I would love to follow you :)

  3. Welcome to the blog! Feel free to follow/ visit anytime :)


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