A little thing we call vacation

What's not to love about time in Florida?
It's been forever since D and I have had a real vacation,
So we decided to take some time to really enjoy a trip down to Florida to see my parents for Christmas.
So far,
It's been amazing.
As stated yesterday,
We've ate beyond what would be reasonable for the average person-
But we can't really help it because all the food is beyond incredible:
Homemade rolls,
Delicious casseroles,
Pumpkin Pie, 
Shrimp cocktails,
Mashed Potatoes
{You get the picture}

We've also been soaking up some glorious sun,
Including a first time trip to the beach for our little  not so little pups.
They had a great time.
Sky loved the fact that she could dig anywhere on the beach that she wanted and not get into trouble,
and Tank, well he stepped into the water and peed.
{He was trying to claim dominance on the whole entire ocean}

The best part though has been the time we've spent with the family.
I am so beyond blessed for the family I've been given and I love the fact that we have so much fun together!
We've painted seashells with Em, D rode grandpa's motorcycle, we delivered gifts to the inmates at the jail and sang Christmas carols, and we've all laughed and cried over hilarious stories and sentimental moments. 
We even got a chance to FaceTime with our family in Cincinnati and it made me so thankful for technology to see the others I love and couldn't be with for the holidays.

The presents for Christmas?
Totally awesome!
{We love our gifts momma and pappa H. & I.}
But the moments we will keep forever from this trip?
The absolute best!

{Oh and PS, remember the surprise I was going to share? Totally cut off my hair!}


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  1. love the haircut! So much braver than I! Great look on you!


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