One thing D. and I always wanted to incorporate into our newlywed life is some fun holiday traditions we could do to celebrate each year. 
We do a lot of the basics, like decorating the house together and watching/listening to holiday themed items.
{Mind you, we never start decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving!}
But my favorite is our little shopping expedition:
What we do  is set an amount we're allowed to spend and go to Target to buy each other stocking gifts.
We have an hour to select all those little special somethings,
Then come home and exchange our finds-
It's so much fun!

Here's us getting ready to start our journey:

& Here's the awesomeness-
I got D. a rad little teapot (he's wanted one for the past three years) that whistles, a nice shirt, and a "Would You Rather" deck of cards to take on our Christmas vacation.
I got a mustard-yellow skinny belt, a matching scarf, and a rose gold watch (LOVE).
{What can I say, I have an awesome little hubby}

And to top it off,
D. surprised me with the new Dia Frampton CD to take on our road trip!
{We've loved her since the Meg&Dia area}

What kind of traditions do you have?

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  1. Aww very cool tradition! Love the teapot and the watch! Looks like you guys had a blast! Stopping by from the Christmas traditions link up! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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