A little Awesome and Awkwardness


Sweater/Dress/Tights/Shoes/Clutch- Target
Belt - Thrifted

  • Reminders from your boss that certain forms are due TODAY not TOMORROW. Talk about working in a crunch.
  • A student comes in and see's my haircut and asked "Why did you do that?" What do you say at that point? Ummm, thank you? I use to kind of liked it...
  • Trying to appear confident in heels and then trip.
  • Moldy foods in the fridge. It's such a bummer to find moldy foods in the fridge.
  • The fact that my clothes seem a tad tighter than usual. Oh Christmas, your divine foods were too good to me this year!
  • Girls Night tonight (+ Sam)! 
  • Having a much needed date night with D. this week + Getting Jeni's ice cream. There is nothing better in my book then spending time with D. & having Jeni's ice cream- perfect date night.
  • Having a dishwasher finally-- It makes life so wonderful! 
  • Walking into a heated office after fighting the cold outside.
  • My vacation in Florida- The beach brings peace and contentment to my soul, plus the time spent with people I love brings me so much joy. 
  • Spending moments laying next to D. and as I look over at him I once again remember that there isn't anyone else in the world I would rather be laying there next to. 

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  1. The ice cream looks amazing...you have still got to take me there!!


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