Weddings & Tiffs in Marriage


Just when you thought wedding season was officially over, it starts right back up
This last weekend we spend the weekend in Indiana celebrating my cousin Steven & Chelsea's wedding.
Involved were lots of lollipops and cookies (literally),
Mix in some family and it makes for a fabulous time.
On another note,
Because of this crazy last week, I feel it may have taken a little toll on D and I.
It kind of showed last night when we had a small tiff intertwined with a lack of sleep making for me over-exaggerating the situation and sleeping in the guest bedroom.
I think that was the worst night of sleep I have ever had.
I don't know how people can go to bed angry because frankly I was miserable and I spend the whole day today with a horrible headache. 
But D was sweet and came into the guest bedroom this morning to ask if I'd rather come back to bed or go to the gym...I obviously chose to go back to bed...and well, it was really nice. 
We said our apologies and took another hour to cuddle up and sleep.
That part made everything so much better.

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  1. I think fights with the husband are the worst. They don't happen often, but when they do, it's just bad news. I really am upset all day after. It's hard to always see eye-to-eye on everything. Glad he came and got you; I love when they want to make up too. :)

  2. yeah husband tiffs are the worst. And i totally get the day after headache as well. Typically it's my husband that gets kicked to the spare room but I can't sleep when we're fighting so typically i barge in there and demand we duke it out haha. Glad you guys made up and had a nice morning :)


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