D & H Do Date Night

It's been a long day.
I had meetings back to back since 11 AM and boy, I'm exhausted!
D. & I decided tonight would be a perfect night to do a date night so we ran home, fed the pups, and went out to dinner together.
It was so nice to feel sane and just enjoy each other's company.
Sometimes we get going in our usual routines and get caught up in our chaotic little lives that we forget to simply stop and remember why we're doing this thing called marriage.
Every now and then, you just have to stop to smell the roses,
Plus, D. let me get fried pickles, and I love fried pickles!

One more day left of work and then I have good Friday off-

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1 comment:

  1. Love that photo...digging thus great spring weather. Glad you and D got a night together. We can totally relate, sometimes you just need a break from reality and a moment to just soak each other in. Always remember to take time to enjoy eachother.


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