Lost after Lost

This by far is one of my new favorite photos; last night I came to bed and this is what I found.
I love those two boys so much
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D and I finally finished Lost a couple weeks ago. A lot of people didn't really seem to get the show, but to me, it all made sense and I thought there was good closure at the end. 
Since then, I think we feel a little "lost" (haha- get it?) because we don't know what to watch. We're not huge TV fanatics but we really enjoy having something to watch in our down time.
We've tried to start watching Mad Men and it's not bad....but...it's not Lost.
Plus, I kind of want to punch those chauvinist pigs. 
{I do adore the fashion on Mad Men though- it's making me crave vintage}
Does anyone out there have any suggestions,
What are your favorite shows to watch that you can find via Netflix?
(We're too poor to afford real cable)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Ok so I don't have Netflix but I do have hulu, which in my opinion is WAY better than Netflix for TV shows, but I have heard it's gotten better the past year. Here are my shows I watch--

    1. REVENGE. Jon and I LOVE this show. I think you can watch all the episodes on ABC.com

    2. Alcatraz-It's on a break right now, and the first couple episodes just seem like a spin off of a crime show, but the more you get into it-the deeper the true plot gets. Awesome.

    3. Gossip Girl. It's a fav for me, but Dave may not like it as much.

    4. Office-DUH.

    5. Awake. It's only like 5 episodes in and is twisted. It's kind of like Inception the movie, but not as confusing and still a different plot.

    6. The Secret Circle-If you're into witches & that type of stuff. Sometimes gets a little too evil for me but good story behind it all.

    7. Modern Family. Hilarious.

    8. Once Upon A time

    Some other more favs are def girly haha Make it or break it, New girl, PLL, Lying game. I LOVE HULU-can you tell?

    Also-give it a few months and REWATCH Lost. It may sound ludacris but I caught a ton the second time through that I never noticed the first time. SO many details, you will forget a lot.

    1. I've been watching a few of these on my own time (aka Gossip Girl) but I'm excited to check these other ones out! THank you :)

  2. How I met your mother is AMAZING!! So funny, and NPH is so funny in it, plays an awesome jerk! :D

    My husband and I also watched Lost on Netflix, and we LOVED it!! I think people didn't like it that much because they watched the whole thing over four or five years, instead of in a couple of months like we did! It was easier to remember all of the little details.

    1. How I Met Your Mother is what we watched before Lost- haha! :) We loved it though and are anticipating watching the current season. I agree with you too that I think it was best to watch Lost all the way through via Netflix; it would have been confusing on a week by week basis.

  3. Anonymous4/21/2012

    Off the top of my head, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are definitely winners, and both streaming on Netflix. I always find it takes me a season to get into a show, so don't give up on these if you don't like them right off the bat! As far as Hulu, my favorite is New Girl. It's laugh out loud funny every week. :)

    1. LOVE New Girl! One of my favorites :)

      You're right, I will definitely have to give some of these shows another go around. I've heard good things on both Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy so I'll let you know how that goes!


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