Things I'm Loving Today

+  Working most of the afternoon with one of my very dear friends.
+ The brief sunshine we had during this dreary weather today.
+  Visits from my cousin...extra points for bringing me a sweet tea!
+ Coming home to have my puppies so excited to see me.
+ Taking an hour to put all of my clothes away just to drive my husband crazy.
+ This post my cousin wrote...makes me cry every time I read it {in a good way}.
    It's so real & so beautiful.
+ Grilling dinner in the garage because it's raining...oh, and grilled asparagus.
+ My parent's are coming this weekend for my dad's graduation-
   My daddy is graduating with his Master's degree- I'm so very proud! :)
+ Dave and I's staycation in a couple of weeks- I'm so excited to spend time with him...alone...
   no work...doing absolutely nothing...and maybe some hiking/climbing/etc & so forth...Eeek!

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  1. Mmmm grilled asparagus is the best. I can't wait to eat it this summer :)

  2. Ugh, now i feel a strong need to eat.

    Don't you even worry, it's not your fault. it's happens like 99 times a day.


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