Last Weekend

D wanted to know why I hadn't posted anything from last week. 
It makes me happy that he likes when I post things.
Here's what our Memorial Weekend looked like:

Babysitting some of my favorite little ones at our company picnic.
{Only Ella could talk me into getting inside of a bounce house}
Breakfast at German Village Coffee Shop with my favorite man.
{We ordered enough food for 4 people and ate everything}
Dinner & Ice Cream with some of my favorite ladies.
My friend Leslie was in town from North Carolina and we never miss a chance to all meet up.
{Though we were missing Whit who we all missed so very much}

& of course kayaking!
Memorial Day we teamed up with some friends and took our kayaks out.
D & I have been looking for a chance to take out this inflatable kayak my dad found for us at a garage sale. We originally were planning on kayaking in it together but I'm kind of glad we didn't. First off, there was a hole we realized needed fixed and I'm pretty sure we would have ended up sinking the kayak if we had been in there together. Second, the paddle broke and we ended up having to tow the kayak back. It was still super funny though.
To tow all the kayaks back, we managed to fit 5 kayaks and 5 people all in D's Element- 
his car is so rad!

Such a great weekend!

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