Sometimes I'm just ridiculous.

Shirt - Walmart // Vest - H&M // Pants - Thrifted // Sunglass - TJ Maxx // Shoes - Ross // Watch - D's
So last night D and I resolved a fight over Facebook.
Yes seriously. 
It was one of those moments where I did a girl freak out moment and D got annoyed because he was in the middle of something and I needed help right away. Which really, I could have probably waited, but you know, we women love to exaggerate.
{Sorry ladies, it's true- we all do it}
So we needed a cool down time.
D went down to finish homework. I stayed upstairs and finished homework.
Then I felt bad because I was so totally  not awesome.
So I sent a little chat to him on Facebook because I know he says he is doing homework but I really know he is down playing around on Facebook. 
And it ended with me sending him a devil smiley saying it fit me a whole lot better.
And that was that.
{Please tell me that we are not the only couple that have ridiculous fights}
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On another note, 
Can it really get any hotter outside? 
I believe yesterday we hit a nice high of upper 90's.
I'm totally all about hot weather, but I'm slightly afraid I might literally melt away.
I think this calls for a milkshake date with my main man.

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1 comment:

  1. It's hotter than balls here.

    Yep, I said it.

    I'm 100% one of those "I need a favor - DO IT NOW!" kinda girls. However, my boyfriend is just as impatient as I am.

    Where do you take these outfit shots every day??


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