that one time D wore heels.


On Saturday night,
D and I went out to help support the Gracehaven House by participating in their annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event.
Basically what happens is that women and men walk around the Tuttle Mall in Columbus wearing high heels and handing out information about child sex trafficking. 
Their goal is to not only raise money for the home they built to help educate and give counseling treatment to these children, but to also raise awareness to the harsh reality that is out in our neighborhoods.
And what better way to do it then by putting a bunch of men in high heels?
{See pictures from last years event}

But seriously guys, these statistics are scary.
Toledo is one of the highest child sex trafficking areas in Ohio making Ohio one of the highest areas for sex trafficking in the USA.
In Ohio alone, 1000 children ever day are sexually exploited.
In Columbus, 50-100 children under the age of 18 are force into the sex industry every night. Sick right.

So on Saturday, we walked. 
It was rough, but D was a champ and made it through the whole thing without a single complaint. 
{and possibly a new understanding of why I find high heels to be super painful}
And this ladies and gentleman, is one of the many reasons I love this man. 

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  1. oh my! this is awesome! :) haha

  2. What a great cause- I had no idea about those statistics. And WOW- did he buy a pair of heels for the occasion?! What a good sport!

    1. When I first heard the statistics, I was absolutely floored. I guess sometimes we get into this mentality that this kind of stuff doesn't really happen.
      As for the heels, they provide them for the guys. I mean as much as I would love to have a size 11 women's high heel lying around...

  3. Anonymous6/24/2012

    I was pinning my Walk a Mile pictures to Pinterest and looked to see if anyone else had... and came across yours and my friend is in the one you posted! :) I even remember seeing the black heels with the ruffle detail on "him"! Small world~
    Thanks for supporting Gracehaven!


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