The Adventures of D & H


D. has been gone over the last few days out in Colorado spending some time with his friends. I won't lie, it's been rough having him away, I really enjoy his company and when he's gone I just feel kind of empty. I also am constantly realizing just how much he does to make my life better; you start really seeing these things when your better half leaves you. It probably doesn't help any either that this week work and school have had a lot of ups and downs and it sucks not having him around to talk to, he always gives the best advice. I think D knew it would be a rough week for me, so he surprised me by writing out letters {he called them small gifts} for me to open every day that he is gone. Today's was my absolute favorite and just what I needed! He wrote a little book called the Adventures of D & H where D goes on a trip to learn to be a better husband. During his journey he really starts to miss H, and tries to find a way to send H a message. He ends up building a fire to shoot the coals into the stars " that when H missed D, she could look up in the starts & know He was thinking of her."
That boy is all sorts of incredible & I cannot wait for him to get home!

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  1. Girl...I totally understand it makes me SO sad when Chase leaves too. Also I love your shoes in that first pic!!!


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