The Day I Got "Color"fied


Today my friend Kara and I participated in The Color Run here in downtown Columbus.
A 5K ran through clouds of color?
Yes Please.

Overall Kara and I had a really good day running and D was a champ for tagging along to document the entire event for us.
Here's a few tips for those of you getting ready to run this race over these next few weeks/months or else looking to participate in this run next year :
  • Register as a team. Not only will the run be a few dollars cheaper for you but it will also be a lot more fun. If I didn't have friends running this race, I would not have enjoyed myself nearly as much as I did today. {Then again, I'm an extreme extrovert and just love people} Plus it gives you someone to laugh with as you are getting splashed with color. 
  • Because this is a newer run, be prepared for first year issues. For instance, my friend was in the last wave of the run and ran into issues with having to wait to start and a few color pits ended up running out of color. Plus, the website was lacking a few pieces of information that would have been nice, such as information in regards to packet pick up and a little more explanation about the race overall. We received an email about picking up our packets, however, it came on Thursday and the two pick up days were Thursday and Friday. Because of the short notice, my friend Kara lives in Cincinnati and couldn't drive down in time to pick up her packet and I had work related issues and couldn't leave in time to make it down. Luckily, we were able to pick them up race day but we wandered about for 15 minutes trying to figure out where to pick up the packets. 
  • If you are picking up your packet on the race day {and I heard even pre-race day} be prepared to give yourself a couple hours of wait time. There were a lot of people who were ahead of a lot I mean a huge line.  We lucked out and were able to knock our wait time by a lot {Thank you friend Leah for letting us jump line- you guys rock!} but quite a few others didn't get the same opportunity. The race starts at 9AM, try to be there by 7:30AM to wait for your packet.
  • The map may and will probably change. D had a hard time finding accurate information for where to go to watch the race at different points {he's a planner}. 
  • Be prepared for a lot of people, and by a lot, I mean TONS. This is a huge race and is not created for competitive running. There is no chip timer and there is a lot of walkers. This is meant to be a fun run created for all times of runners/walkers to enjoy. Take your time to stop and smell the flowers as well as enjoy a day exercising in the vast array of colors.
  • There are not a lot of freebies {at least in my area and from what I saw}. You do get a sweet white sweatband to wear as well as a Color Run tattoo, a white t-shirt with fun colorful print, and a color powder pack to throw up at the finish line. I won't lie, I'm use to a lot of sponsored related material and upcoming race information for other runs in the area. Maybe it was because of the same day race packet pickup or lack of sponsors, but we didn't get any of this and it may have caused a little bit of a sad face. Oh Well.
  • If you do take this a little more serious than most that's totally okay, you just might not get a lot of color. The color squad is located on the left and right of each color pit; they then proceed to powder colors on individuals passing by with ketchup like bottles. Runners wishing to consistently run may have to run through the middle of the pit, meaning you just get a light dusting of color. This really depends on the crowd at that point and the popularity of the color. With the blue and yellow colored pits, Kara and I had no problems getting through and keeping a continuous pace; however, the pink was the crowd pleaser and you had to wait in a little bit of a line to get some glorious pink to your white.You also may experience not having a glorious shower of color at the finish. The group we completed the race with did not open their color packets an the end, nor did they throw it up in the air and dance in the colored glory of all that is not worry, Kara and I did and because we did, we had the privilege of looking like we had moss growing out of our shoulders {thank you green color packet}. 
  • There is no purple color pit {not to be confused with individual color packets given to participants}. Most of you would not really care about this point. Kara and I did.  Again, maybe other areas have it, we just did not. I would suggest if you are looking for some purple coloration, make friends with someone who has a purple packet. You can thank me later.
  • Wear goggles or glasses. It sounds silly but I discovered today that it really isn't fun getting corn starched color in your eyes. It's not fun getting it in your mouth either but at least in that case you get some snazzy colorful teeth.
These were just a few of my personal opinions. 
Overall, Kara and I still had a ridiculously good time and I'm planning to run The Color Run again in North Carolina with my friend Leslie. 
{I will definitely let you know if the two races vary}

Did anyone else run this race today?
If so, how was your overall experience?
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D & I are off to enjoy the rest of our Saturday at the Columbus Jazz & Ribs Festival!
Happy Weekend Pretties!

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  1. looks fantastic! I'm not into running but I would be down to do something like this.

    1. This is really a great run for both walkers and runners! No matter what, you get to be colored pretty :)

  2. LOVE IT! Something that a group of us girls should do together next year! It would be a blast :)

    1. I totally agree! Let's plan it!

  3. I've seen photos of so many friends doing this on facebook and thought it was such a cool idea! Thanks for all the info. I have to admit I was sad to see, 'on purple pit' and 'not many freebies'! It still looks like a BLAST!

    1. Yeah, I'm hoping they adjust these things next year; I would definitely do it again!

  4. Hey-we have a team running the Cincy Color Run! There are already like 20 ppl. Interested? I can get you team info and password.

    1. Oh man, it might be too late for this now but I would like to :)

  5. I'm pumped!!! We'll have a blast! I'm glad you got the inside info...that will hopefully help us out come race day here!

    1. I agree! I can't wait to see your face :)


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