The Quickest Weekend Ever.

I swear, I have not had a moment to breath this entire week. 
Literally, I have been going nonstop and frankly, I'm exhausted!
This weekend was a lot of fun but it definitely went by too fast.
I spent Friday with my friend Brittany; we grabbed dinner at Whole World Bakery {yum}, grabbed coffee at Starbucks, and just spent the rest of the time talking. It's so great spending time with someone you just thoroughly enjoy talking with and I appreciate spending it with someone who simply gets life. Britt, thanks for so much fun!
On Saturday, I spent the morning with the pups, did homework, cleaned the house, ran 12 miles, and spend the evening barbecuing. I was hoping to make it out to my friend Ryan's birthday shindig but by late that night, I was literally done. Who knew a 12 mile run could take it out of you? ;)
Sunday involved more pup time & clean time but the best part of it all was D coming home! I've missed that crazy fool so much and was ecstatic to be picking him up Sunday. This week has been rough without him but it really showed me a lot. I realized just how much I rely on D and I learned some really valid areas I can work on to be a better wife. All in all, it made me appreciate him a whole lot more and it was good to see some areas in my life I can be improving on and areas where I need to grow. His pictures from Colorado are simply breathtaking and I can't wait to one day venture there with him. {I just might have to get him to post a little bit on his adventures}

I hope you all had an awesome little weekend & a fabulous start to this week!

PS- I am hoping to have some good news to share next week *fingers crossed*

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  1. hhmm, good news?! I eagerly await :) and, I feel ya! Whew, life is BUSY right now! Hope this week is a little less hectic!

    1. Oh girl, hopefully it's good. And no, it's not a baby ;)


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