We celebrated the 4th of July in style

Our day yesterday was awesome.
In the morning we hit up Columbus' Doo Dah Parade; it's something I've always wanted to go to but every fourth we're usually too busy to attend. 
This parade is basically an anything goes type of event.
A lot of the "floats" take a jab at social issues in the news such as politics, the tan mom, 50 Shades of Grey, and the zombie epidemic or else they just pushed the envelope with all sorts of extremes. 
Basically, it's a bunch of crazies celebrating the 4th of July and it's absolutely incredible.
If you haven't gone before, I definitely recommend attending next year!
{unless you get easily offended, then I recommend staying home}
Here were a few examples from the parade this year:

After the parade we decided to cool off by taking a little kayaking and canoeing adventure.
It was so much fun and the water felt great.
I think getting kayaks was the best decision we ever made.
{+ we love bubbles}

I'd say it was a day well spend.
Hope your week has been just as fabulous!

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  2. omg omg omg the hooks in the back makes my skin crawlllllll ew ew ew lol. I have yet to go to the Doo Dah!

    1. It was crazy!! You really should go next year, we had so much fun {Definitely entertaining}!

  3. OH MY DEAR SWEET JESUS! those hooks.. yikes.. i had to scroll through very quickly at that.. but otherwise looks so fun! also- you look adorable in your hat :)


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