What a funny little day it's been...


Shirt - Thrifted // Skirt. Sunglasses. Shoes - TJ Maxx // Scarf - Debs 

+ If you follow along with me on Twitter, you would have seen a Tweet earlier today earlier today about a running encounter I experienced this morning. Basically, I was stretching after a morning run when a man came by on a bike and proceeded to tell me that I was a fine beautiful woman {all this being said in a deep manly voice that is typically used for bad attempts at sexy voices on the radio [creepster alert]}. Mind you, I had just finished a run and was sweaty and disheveled. Obviously I was looking neither fine nor beautiful. All it ended up being was a tad bit awkward and flat out creepy. Thank you Mr. Stranger-- and yes, to answer your question after your attempt to compliment me, my husband (or as you termed it "man") does in fact run with me a lot and yes, we do bring our two big dogs with us a lot of times on these runs. 
+ If you follow me on Twitter you will also see the picture of D with a half beard asking me if I've ever been kissed by a man with a half beard. This obviously was a first:
+ This morning when I came downstairs, Tank had pulled out a pair of scissors, 2 pot holders, and a plastic bag. I feel like these items will be used towards either something very dangerous or else they will be used towards some sort of prank; either way, I hope to never find out. {I just hope I didn't do anything lately to piss off the pups}
+ I pulled this pretty white skirt out of my closet this morning wondering why I never wear it anymore. I got to work and looked down to realize the skirt is covered in old coffee stains. Awesome. {Anyone have advice for getting old coffee stains out of white clothing other than bleach? Obviously that did not work.}

Oh Wednesday, thanks for bringing quite a bit of entertainment into my life today.
I really appreciate it.

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