What a Weekend

This last weekend involved lots of food and Queen cover bands.
It involved lots of miles run and not enough hours in a day. 
It involved sleeping in and staying up late as well as friend fun and catching up on lost time.
Needless to say this weekend was a lazy one and chaotic one all in the same weekend. 
I'm so tired.

In fact, I was so tired I showed up late to a 9 o'clock appointment [oops].
Plus I haven't ate breakfast and that makes for a bad time.
I envision this week being pretty crazy in itself. I have a lot of make up work, classes starting back up, an orientation, homework, and other various odds and ends.
So as much as I would love to go on and on about fun details in my life and other various made for a good time stories, I really should get back to work and do that good ol' 9-5 grind.

Peace & Love,

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