It's That Time of the Week...{Hooray!}

Dear Friday, Thank you. I'm so looking forward to you today and the awesome weekend you are about to bring me. Friend dates, Movie Nights, Murder Mystery Parties, An awesome Show, and a Sweet Little Girl's birthday party. Great weekend ahead...what a great weekend!

Dear D, I miss you so much. It's tough when you have to leave for an extended amount of time. Last night I tried to cuddle with the pups, yeah, it just wasn't the same. Have fun, enjoy DC, and return home quickly.

Dear Volleyball Ladies, Lots of love being sent out to you today and this weekend! Win big, play hard. Wish I could be with you all, cheesing it up on the side lines.

Dear Tank, What did I do to make you be so vindictive towards me? I've been given a bloody lip by you, you punched me in the eye and almost blackened it, and you chewed up my shoe [D says that one is because I left my shoes out in the open...I say VINDICTIVE].

Dear Pumpkin Spice, You are so very wonderful. I just cannot get enough of you and your goodness. You make my Fall complete!

Dear Cop Who Gave Me a Ticket on Wednesday, I know I deserved the $165 ticket you gave me, but really, couldn't you have just let me slide with that one. True, I was going 75 in a 55 zone, but still...

Dear Garden Fresh Veggies, You, Me, Dinner, Tonight. It's go time! {yum}

Dear Jake, Your show is this weekend! Ah, I'm so pumped for it. I'm also pumped for our traditional movie night tonight. [movie night = a chance to sit around, chow down, watch movies, and be lazy] Bliss. Pure Bliss.

Dear Michelle, I'm pumped for our friend lunch date today! It's always so refreshing to see your pretty face :)

Dear Christina Aguilera, I am sorry, but I just cannot stand you on the Voice. Seriously, I just can't. I think your a hoochie and a diva. {sorry fans}You are a fantastic singer though so I'll give you that.

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  1. i had a PSL this morning and was in love;just one more reason Fall is my favorite season!

  2. i've been seeing pumpkin spice latte all over the place (meaning, all over the blogosphere) lately! it makes me angry because i love it so much, but i have to limit myself!

    well, i hope you have a happy weekend! :)


    1. Oh but they are so good! I thought about limiting myself...then I had three this week :)

  3. can't get enough pumpkin spice!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

    1. Never enough pumpkin!

      Thanks for the follow :)


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