A long post about a Marathon...


I haven't had a chance to really talk yet or reflect with you all on my marathon this year.
Guys, this year I struggled running...really bad...I almost didn't make it...
This year, at mile 23, I hit a wall...the kind of wall where I had no willpower to run any longer or go any further. I just...couldn't... I was hot, I was tired, I felt sick, and I just felt overall defeated.
This year, the run was humbling and I was  shown just how much I need support and I need people in my life who can motivate me and encourage me through those difficult times in life.

As I started off my race this year, I started strong. I felt really good and my miles were good; I was hitting all the right timings and doing all the right things.
I knew I had trained well for the event and my adrenaline was driving me every mile.
...then the heat kicked in and I ate a gel pack that did not agree with my stomach...
When people say running is a mental thing, they mean it.
It's easy to run when you feel great & motivated, it's a whole other thing when things start getting into your mind and messing with you mentally. 
It didn't help either that because of the course, spectators had a hard time getting around to cheer for the runners. 
I remember hitting mile 23 and everything in me just wanted to give up, I went from running, to trotting, to walking, to limping. 
I finally called up D and begged him to meet me on the course. I told him I needed a new shirt, some ibuprofen, and some encouragement. 
Being the awesome man he is, he made sure to find me and take care of me.
At that point, I collapsed on the curb and told D straight up that I was done and couldn't do this anymore.
Thankfully, D is not a pushover and knew how much this run meant to me. He made me get back up on my feet and he, plus my other two friends who were there, Rollerbladed/Scootered beside me until I could start consistently running again. 
They finally had to leave me because they kind of got in trouble from the cops for rollerbladding/scootering on the streets. 

So as I kept running, doubt started getting into my head,
Would I make it? Could I make it?
And at that moment my sister suddenly appeared at mile 25.
If you know my sister, you would know she is directionally deprived and is never at the right place at the right time [love you sis]. I guess at mile 13 she tried to find me, but ended up just missing me.
Well on this particular day, she showed up at the perfect time, just when I needed her the most.
She ended up running with me the last 1.2 miles of the race, fancy flats and all [she definitely wasn't running ready, but she pulled through for me]. She was able to keep me laughing and preoccupied the rest of the line and thanks to her, I successfully crossed the 26.2 finish line.

I really don't know what I would have done without each of these people who step up and were there for me each mile, each step...picking me up and pushing me through when I needed it.
Thank you friends,
I appreciate you and all you did for me on Sunday.
Thanks to you all, I was able to check another marathon off my list.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As for the Columbus Marathon itself,
it was absolutely wonderful!

It was well organized
The expo was great 
[D and I both got basically brand new running shoes for $50 a piece]
The weather was perfect 
The course was beautiful
We got to run through The Shoe
[I don't even like the Buckeyes, but it was pretty awesome]

And the best thing of all?
Each mile marker was dedicated to a child cancer survivor.
A few were in specialty strollers out in the race being pushed by their friends/family and some were even high fiving us along the course.
It was so special and it reminded me that we were doing this race for something so much more than ourselves. We were helping to make a difference.

So thank you to everyone that made the Columbus marathon so special,
I look forward to running again next year!

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  1. You are amazing! I can't even bring myself to run a mile these days...You inspire me!

  2. Love the bit about Ash meeting you at the right spot/time! So sweet!
    Congrats on finishing strong! Man, I thought one mile was tough. . .hahaha wimp!

    1. Actually, this is Alyssa Im not sure why that said Aaron bahahah

  3. such a great post! I actually started crying at the part when your sister came and found you. So sweet! :) And I know your sister... :) Loved it!

  4. this is amazing and brought tears to my eyes.. what an amazing support system you have. and that marathon.. I am determined to run it, even if it's just the half! Good for you girl.. you are awesome!


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