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When are you having kids?
I swear that's the biggest question I've gotten asked since getting married two years ago [can I get an amen from the newlywed crowd?!].
You know, the idea of kids sounds nice, but shoot, after today, I don't know if I'll ever be ready for kids. It's just one of those days where I have been kid overloaded to the max.
I'm just exhausted from the experience of it all and I was only with the chaos of everything for only an hour.
I gotta say though, I have SO MUCH respect for you current parents, how do you do it? 
I've told everyone the only reasons I want kids right now is to have a cool baby sling and to make baby food, and obviously those are not legit reasons for bringing a baby into this world.
Man, I am just not ready.
But in all reality,
Believe me, I know when the time comes, I'll be ready...or at least I hear it's just something that clicks and somehow you have mommy magical powers...
And I know, someday I will love being a mommy.
[plus D. will make an awfully cute dad]
But right now, I'm just going to love on my cute little nieces and nephews [both by blood and by friendship] and enjoy this time with that cute husband of mine and the rest of the crazy Hopewell clan.

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  1. AMEN.

    I get it all the time. I feel like it's actually rare to see a married couple without kids these days. Everyone I know seems to pop them out right after the honeymoon. No thanks.

    As much as I'm dying to have kids, I don't want them for a few more years. My only reason to have one now would be for an excuse to quit my horrible job. Probably not a good reason.

    P.S. SO COOL that you went to school with Joanna too! Such a small world. I love it! :)

    1. Haha it's so true! Everyone seems to be making babies! I say give me a few more years and we'll see...I may have one too just to quit my job bhahahaha!

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  3. THANK YOU! We've also been married two years and we get the question all too often! I guess it doesn't help that we live in a small town where you start producing mini me's within the first year. But honestly, working with kids makes me not want to have kids even more. We'll save that discussion for a few years down the road.

    1. Yup we're in a small town too where everyone has honeymoon babies or close to then. I'm guessing my husband and I don't fit the "norm" :)

  4. AMEN! I SO connect with this post!
    Dare you even announce your sick before everyone is questioning the vacancy of your uterus, ughh. . . LOL

    1. haha seriously! UGH can't a girl just be sick & NOT be pregnant?!

  5. YES YES YES. we've been married for just a year, and everyone asks. Family and friends but the worse is the random people who you don't even really know, co-workers in the lunch room (who may just want you on maternity leave so they can steal your job), old lady at the grocery store. I mean honeslty, for all they you know there could be medical reasons. Perhaps its a devastating subject because you've desperately been trying like some people I know. It's a personal question that people just throw out there, and shouldn't.

    Then there is me and my husband, we decided long ago that we don't really want kids.. GASP.. When you tell people that it's pretty much like telling a 2 year old that santa clause doesn't exist. THey look at you in stunned shock that you just admitted that and then they typical responsed with a "well you say that now."

    ... sorry bout the rant. But that was for young married couples everywhere!

    1. Random people are the worst! haha
      In all seriousness, I definitely do agree. I have some friends who are trying so hard for kids right now and the questions from everyone only stresses them out all the more! I always think, the stress they are under isn't going to help them get pregnant any faster. I say it will happen when it happens-- chill out random, nosey people!


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