Not enough hours...

[this is my "work is slowly killing me" face]

Sometimes I wish so very much that I had enough hours in a day to do all the things I long to do...if I had enough hours I would:

+ Do a whole lotta yoga and running
+ Start an online shop
+ Fix up the old blog
+ Take a graphic design class...maybe a certification or degree even. Maybe a drawing class or two??
+ Take a lot of time to volunteer.
+ Be more involved with all the things I love to do and all the people I love to be around.
+ Learn how to play the don't know, do some exciting things.
+ Go on lots of adventures...backpacking please!
+ Travel...anywhere, everywhere.
+ Play piano again.
+ Finishing the tons of homework I have waiting for me this week.
+ Host a lot of fun parties and get togethers.
+ Do a lot of fun crafts and sewing projects...isn't that what I started this blog for anyways? Slacking.
+ Cook dinners at home more often.
+ Pick up new hobbies.
+ Go on lots of dates with the hubby.
+ Relax and take in life.

Today I just wish I truly had more hours in a day. I have all these things that wallow around in my head that I just am dying to be a part of but never end up doing. Who knows, maybe someday I will finally get around to doing these things; maybe it's all just about better time management...who knows? I just know that I wish there were far more hours....and maybe less work related hours at that ;)
Who's with me?

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