I woke up this morning with an urge to go running.
I haven't felt this way in a long time... wanting to go running... lately, running has felt more like a chore than a desire.
It stems far before I started my mile-a-day challenge, it goes back to those months where I just felt so depressed and so empty inside.
Before the emptiness, I use to love running and every race I ran felt like this new, exciting challenge.
I kept running even when I felt depressed but I only did it to avoid completely letting myself go.
I felt like I had this weight on my shoulders but I just couldn't get that feeling back I use to have when I'd go out to take a run.
But today was different... I feel like there has been something changing inside me these last couple month and I had a sense of energy to just get out and go.
It was so cold outside, the snow was coming down fairly heavy but I was loving being out, getting covered in the snowfall.
I had the trail to myself other than a man running with his dog and I loved just taking my time, not worrying about deadlines or commitments.
Just going, step after step.
I just felt like I had finally time for ME.

I wish there were more days like today.

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  1. Wow that last picture is my fav! So gorgeous!


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