Pancakes & that other thing that starts with a "P"


Tonight Jake & I had pancake night.
It's pretty much the only thing we were seeing eye-to-eye on for dinner tonight.
We wandered the aisles of Giant Eagle trying to figure out what we wanted to eat.
After our first few aisles, we only had cooking spray, Arnold Palmer, & honey in our cart.
Giant Pancakes with berries, seriously though, who can say no to that?
Thank you Jake for your awesome baking skills.
[Disclaimer ladies: this man's still single & ready to mingle]

Also, tonight Sky peed on Tank's head during our run.
Don't ask how it happened, let's just say that Tank was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
I'm feeling slightly humored, slightly horrified right now
There's just a lot of mixed feelings.

Here's to the week already being half done,

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