We Like Date Night.

D & I did date night last night.
We grabbed dinner at Harvest Moon, which is one of our favorite local restaurants if you haven't guessed by now,
Bought some cupcakes from my new favorite cupcake place
[Thank you Liesi for posting about Fantasy Cupcakes],
and cuddled up to watch a movie at home with those crazy pups of ours.
Sometimes it's the little things...
The little moments that we can spend together,
Taking about our days, our frustrations, or funny moments, our routines,
That make all the difference.
In the busyness and chaos that D & I call day-to-day life,
It's refreshing to just spend a few moments reconnecting and taking some quality time to spend together.
Sometimes we just need to time be us.
Gosh, I just love that boy.

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