Why I've been absent these last couple of days...


+ On Friday, we got together with some friends to eat a quick dinner at The Brown Bag Deli, watch an OSU men's volleyball game, and pig out on Jeni's Ice Cream
+ On Saturday, we got an opportunity to see the Little Green Cars live at the CD 102.5 Big Room, catch up with some friends in Columbus, and spent the evening doing date night with yummy food and movies.
+ On Sunday, I woke up bright and early to do a 10 mile run before our Sunday Easter service. After church, D & I headed over to Cincinnati to have dinner with his family.
+ On Monday, my sister moved back to Ohio. My dad came to help her move, so we decided to get together and grab some dinner which resulted in the boys eating 50 wings, multiple appetizers, and three mid-sized desserts. 
Basically, it was a fabulous type of weekend and basically, I'm still exhaustingly recovering from this weekend.

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