Memorial Weekend Fun


You know,
One day you will find out about the last day of my staycation if you actually remember that I even had a staycation or for that matter even care about my last day of our staycation.
But anyways,
We spent the weekend with D's family this last weekend over in Cinci, and right now looking back on the pictures, I'm kind of missing it a lot.
Sometimes its just nice to get away from everything and spend time with people you love. You know, just relaxing, eating great food, and lots of laughter.
Oh, and a three day weekend never hurts either, does it.
Anyone else struggling to get back into the groove of things?
::friday please come fast::

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1 comment:

  1. Looks like SUCH a fun weekend!! Don't worry, Friday is tomorrow, THANK GOD. Four day weeks are great and the worst. haha


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