Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's backkkkkkkk

Hi Everyone:
I'm back and ready to take action!
It's been sad not getting to post lately but with deadlines and chaos, I knew any form of a personal life had to take a back-burner until I could regain my sanity.
It's weird after going nonstop to finally have legitimate free time.
I don't really know what to do with myself yet,
So far the activities have included napping and watching Pretty Little Liars.
I know, I'm awesome. 
I also got to spend last weekend having a real weekend; you know, those ones you enjoy with friends staying up really late and actually enjoying yourself without feeling like there's something you should be doing but aren't. 
It's wonderful.
I also have started doing things that normal people do, like cleaning and doing laundry.
{Mind you, my true self just starts the laundry, I kind of suck at folding laundry or putting laundry away... annnnd D loves me for that.}
I'm also excited to read books for fun and write because I feel like it.
I also have some fun, exciting things coming up that feel like treats after these stressful months.
My family will be in town the beginning of September for my graduation.
I also have a little girl's weekend planned to go to Chicago- stoked!
So much goodness!
So I guess aside from this blabbering I'm just trying to say that I'm glad to be back and completely finished with my Master's program.
These long hard months are now paying off and I've survived!
I know I've been Facebook sappy these last couple days but I really want to give a huge THANK YOU to my amazing friends and family who helped me survive this journey, whether it was coffee runs, or proofing my paper, or sending words of encouragement. You all are so many types of wonderful and I've truly realized how so very blessed I am.
If I could insert a kissy emoji right now, I would.

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