Hello Again!


Well that ended up being a little longer break than expected.
I promise I'm still around.
All is well & good in the world.
Great really.
We love South Dakota.
Oh it's been so so so good.
It's been restorative to our health, our well being, and our marriage.
And the people here are awesome.
True Midwest hospitality.
We're just loving it.

And of course there's always our adventures.
We've been doing a lot of fun things lately.
I'll delve into them a little more at a later time, but here's a brief rundown of this summer:

  • We kayaked part of the Big Sioux
  • We celebrated 4 years of marriage in South Dakota.
  • We got more tattoos.
  • We camped out at the North Dakota Grasslands.
  • I started teaching yoga classes.
  • We traveled to Florida for one of my very best friend's wedding.
  • We traveled to Alaska for my cousin's wedding.
  • We did our first Ragnar relay from Winona to Minneapolis.
  • My parents & grandparents came to visit.
  • We went to Chicago & I ran the Chicago Half Marathon with some of my dear best friends from college.
Whew...it's been a really good summer and there is still more to share!

I've missed you.
But ya know, sometimes you just need a break.
There was a lot I was trying to work through and process when we moved out here.
I just needed to relax and fully experience life going on around me.
It's been so revitalizing for the soul.
But man, it's good to be back here & sharing life.
(& I know mom probably loves seeing me post here again because we all know how good I am at calling home- guilty.)

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  1. Love you. And love all these adventures. =inspiring :)


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