Who I Am: The Story of H.

I like to call myself an adventurer:

I dream of one day traveling the world & experiencing as much of life as I possibly can.

To completely define me though, I feel that is impossible. I've been spending the last two years soul searching & I have yet to completely pinpoint who I am as a whole, but I'm slowly starting to learn...

I can make a mean latte & am a mad dancing machine
I enjoy a good book & a cup of coffee
I love people & strongly believe in the power of community
I love change & a challenge
I am loyal to my core but in the same, I am a people pleaser
I am outgoing but also shy & anxious
I love the great outdoors & the beauty of creation

I feel that my 20's have taught me a lot more than I ever realized they would. Not only have these last few years brought brokenness, but also healing & hope. {I've always believed that everything happens for a reason.} I feel I have had to start from scratch discovering me; for years I felt like I was playing a part in a theatrical performance to which I did not even know the main character. But I'm learning & growing & loving & discovering-- and somehow it all brings a sense of peace...

I believe in the power of good & love & God--
My heart longs for something more, 
for a change,
for hope.
I know I am only one person, 
but my dream in life has always been to make a difference...

I just long to make a difference.

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