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Most love stories start with a prince riding in on a white horse & saving a poor damsel in distress...Well most stories is not ours. I've never been quite the "damsel in distress" type; seeing as i am way too independent & stubborn to be quite that needy. Plus, if D. would have shown up on a white horse, I might have been a little freaked out. No, our story is unfortunately much simpler than this and I wouldn't have it any other way.
First, it might help out for you to meet the main characters of this story...

Meet D.
The love of my life, best friend, dog whisperer, volleyball extraordinaire:
&& I'm H.
Bubbly, eccentric, ridiculous, coffee maker:

Together, we are so perfectly imperfect-- At times we are as different as day and night; other times, we seem to share the same heart, dreaming for the impossible & reaching for the common goal. We live, learn, & grow together- somehow, we just seem to complete each other. { D. thinks I'm crazy, I know I'm crazy-- it just works.}

We met the summer before my Junior year of college- D. was coming to work at the college I attended. At first D. hated me pretty much- he thought I was manipulative & selfish {& he probably was right-- I still had a lot to learn at this point}. Through the next couple of months though, we became friends making D. realize I wasn't quite so crappy of a person {maybe a little immature, but there was hope}. It was the summer of '08 that D. first realized that he actually liked me more than just a friend. We were at my cousin's wedding [my cousin was the reason D. found out about the job at my college-- they were friends already from their college days- small world right?] && through a series of unfortunate events, he came to realize what he was actually looking for in a relationship. He started to think about what "us" would mean, while I on the other hand was completely oblivious to it all. Two weeks later, we were at ANOTHER cousin's wedding that we both were a part of {We have a lot of common factors} & this time, D. pursued & I was flattered and interested. Things started off slow; for months, we just talked & simply tried to understand each other's hearts. As time progressed, friends became an item an item became a engagement and an engagement became a forever.
Our first year of marriage has been a whirlwind of events--
We not only got married but also bought a house, bought a car, got 2 dogs, started a Master's program, worked on two part time paychecks, & somehow managed to survive it all. It's been a crazy ride but we've enjoyed every moment of it all, through the good as well as the bad. Life to us is one big adventure.

Here's a little more about the two other members of our family: 
Meet Tank
German Shepherd Mix
Stubborn, bratty
Meet Sky
Great Dane/Pitt-bull Mix
Protector, Passive {Mostly}
They drive me crazy, but they are the little loves of my life.

We adopted Tank from the animal shelter when he was about 8 weeks old. I like to think however that HE chose US. That look he gave us when our eyes met said "You know I'm too cute for you to pass up." && he was right. Next came Sky at about 4 months- she would have been a member of our family sooner, but when she was first at the shelter, she developed Parvo & we almost lost her. Thankfully, a wonderful vet took her in and now she has the opportunity to be with us today!

I strongly encourage anyone looking into adopting a dog to check out their local animal shelters first; there are so many wonderful animals who need good homes! Check out HERE if you live in the Columbus area!

Altogether, we make the Hopewells:

This rest is all a little thing we call LIFE.

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